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Is My pepsi Safe ?
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“Make, sell and deliver the beverage to the consumer as it was designed, in order to derive preference.”


Is My Pepsi Safe :
  • Nectar products are amongst the safest beverages you can drink today
  • We follow regulations laid down by the Indian government which are amongst the world's most stringent. Nectar India is in full compliance
  • One quality standard for Nectar globally

Nectar beverages are amongst the safest products you can drink today. We follow regulations laid down by the Indian Government which are amongst the world's most stringent. Nectar india is in full compliance. Nectar follows one quality standard globally

Indian regulations are amongst the world's best
Over the past few years the soft drink industry has worked with the Government of India, the scientific community and NGOs to establish stringent science-based regulations.

The new regulations for carbonated soft drinks notified by the Health Ministry on July 15, 2004 are comparable to the most stringent international regulations, including that of the European Union. All Nectar products in India meet these regulations.

Our beverages are safe

Our products comply with the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA) directive on the use of water in the preparation of soft drinks. We also comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for packaged drinking water. We use a six-stage water purification process to deliver this standard consistently.

The pesticide question
NO manufacturer of food products adds pesticides to their products.

Do we live in a pesticide free world? NO

Pesticides are used to protect agricultural crops from insects and pests. Minute quantities of these pesticides enter the ground water and remain in the agricultural crops which ultimately find their way into our food.

Do pesticide residues compromise safety of food products? NO

Recognizing that pesticide residues are present in the food chain, international agencies like WHO and national authorities establish strict norms based on their experience and scientific research.

Is the safety of soft drinks compromised by pesticide residues? NO

Independent government data has shown that pesticide residues present in soft drinks are at safe levels.

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