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About Nectar Dharwad !
In 1984, Nectar Beverages used to produce the Parle products. Like the East India Company centuries ago, the Coca Cola Company entered India in 1994 and ordered all bottlers of Parle products to surrender their plants and businesses to them on expiration of the contract in November 1997. The bottlers of India could not measure up to the huge conqueror from Atlanta and therefore gave up. Some however resisted but eventually were forced to give in. However, Fomento group had outrightly rejected this neo-colonialism. Providence came to their rescue in the form of a Pepsi franchise.

On November 23, 1997, Goa Bottling began producing products of Pepsi Cola Company, Pepsi, Mirinda, Orange, Lehar Soda, Slice Mango, Mirinda Lemon, 7-Up and other products.

The Pepsi Cola Company (called Pepsi Foods Ltd. In India), although THANKS GLOBALLY about its businesses, but it ACTS LOCALLY in its style.

It believes that local businesses, entrepreneurs, people, are best managed by themselves. It strongly believes in furthering its businesses in India through Indians, to be owned by Indians produced in Indian plants for the Indian people. Unlike Coca Cola India , which is almost entirely run by American expatriates, Pepsi Company in India (Pepsi Foods Ltd.), is 100% operated by people of Indian skin, culture and pride.

So when Goa Bottling Company produced products of Pepsi, the Coca Cola Co. did its utmost to kill the livelihood of the employees at Nectar Beverages by suspending supply of concentrates and various other tactics.

Nectar Beverages was brought to a standstill. The workers moved into the streets themselves to sell Pepsi products. It was of those rare examples in the world where there are no differences between Management and workers and both are partners in fighting the common enemy.

Inspite of the plant being closed, all the workers were honorably paid, even though there was total shutdown. Over capacity through Goa plants raised a question of whether or not to restart Nectar Beverages.

Specially because if Nectar Beverages was going to produce international drinking like Pepsi and 7-Up, it would need even more sophisticated machineries and quality controls. Unanimously, the management and workers of Nectar Beverages took the battle on themselves and with belief in this mission decided that they would never allow Nectar Beverages to close.

Growth achievement:

The companyís products enjoy 50% of the market share. Since its inception it has grown too many folds, which is the result of the hard working and dedicated employees and associates of the company. More importantly is the consumer and customerís satisfaction and confidence in our products. This attributes to the fact that the unit has registered more the 45% growth consistently.
Expansion & Future plan:

In order to meet the increasing demand for soft drinks in Karnataka enhanced production capacity has been installed.

To overcome the chronic problem of electricity failure the company has installed a generator with enhanced power capacity of 320 KVA.

The company is geared up to make all necessary changes as suggested by principal’s technical and quality team to fall in line with the international brands of Pepsi Cola in the said plant. And it has started manufacturing from 4 th September 1998 the international brands- Pepsi, 7-Up, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Slice, Teem and Lehar Evervess Soda in this Plant.

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